Why choose Little Big Heroes:
Meet the Heroes?

Bible Characters

With 12 key Bible characters this is a great place to start! Kids love the stories of the Bible and love to learn about the Bible through those Heroes. We chosen 12 heroes that we think will provide the best overview of the Bible, and create some great opportunities for Kids to learn positive Bible influences.

Fun interactive Lessons

Each lesson has two key steps experience and practice. We wanted to make this curriculum as experiential as possible, for the kids to feel the lesson and be able to put it into practice in a fun way.

Bible Based

It’s based on the Bible. Lot’s of curriculums say they are Bible based so what do we really mean by Bible Based? For us the Bible is the foundation of our Christian walk. We want our children to connect directly to the stories in the Bible. For us though it’s more than this, we believe that children are at the best age to learn and memorize the Word of God. In each class we have short age dependant verses for the children to memorize over the course of the month.


We’ve included everything you need to make your year the best year for your kid’s zone. With comprehensive lesson guides for each adapted for ages 3-5 and 6-9, some great animated video stories available for download as well as decorative content, Meet the Heroes is a great way to get started.

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