Let’s make bear-shaped pancakes

Johana Castro

Bears can be frightening or funny, but we have rarely met a bear that is delicious. But, today is the day! Pack your bags because we are headed to the forest as explorers to find a delicious bear-shaped pancake for breakfast … or really, for any time!


Surprise your children with a breakfast in the woods, decorate the kitchen or dining room a bit and have a special time together.


Bear-shaped Pancake

What you’ll need:

Pancake batter (and the ingredients needed to prepare it)

Brown food coloring

Pan or griddle

Minimum amount of oil

2 squeeze bottles


Two bowls



  1. Prepare the pancake batter according to package instructions.
  2. Divide the batter into the two bowls.
  3. Put two drops of food coloring in one of the bowls and mix.
  4. Fill the squeeze bottles with the batters.
  5. Put the pan on the stovetop on low heat. If you are using a griddle, set it to 190ºC (375ºF).
  6. Add the minimum amount of oil to the griddle or pan, just enough to avoid the pancake sticking to the pan.
  7. With the small bottle that has the brown batter, outline the shape of a bear on the pan. Don’t forget his ears, eyes and nose!
  8. Wait until it cooks a little so that the different colored batters don’t blend. Usually, one minute is enough (or when you see that the dough has dried a little).
  9. Fill in the bear with the natural colored batter.
  10. Wait for the dough to bubble, that’s when you’ll know it’s time to use the spatula.
  11. Flip it over very carefully and wait for it to finish browning on the other side, it usually takes about a minute.
  12. Enjoy!


Be sure to take pictures or videos and upload them to social media using the hashtag #CookingWithLittleBigHeroes, we will share the best recreations!