Do these 5 things to improve your Kids’ Zone today!

Rich Harding

Have you ever thought about how you can make your kids zone better, come up with the most inovative and lifechanging ideas, only to be rejected by the Church board for the finances, or to be told that it’s not a priority.


Well here are 5 things you can do right now that need little or no money and can radically transform your kid’s zone.


  1. Put on an event for the families of your children, with the expressed purpose of meeting and greeting the parents. The best thing you can do to get them involved is start to get to know them. There is never enough time on a weekend, so put on a special event. Make them feel like the best people in the world. YOu could even call it Parent appreciation night. This doesn’t need a lot of money, use the resources you already have. What’s more you can even get the parents involved. There is always someone willing to bake cakes or prepare coffee if it’s for their kids.
  2. Improve the channels of communication: Many times the only contact parents (and even church leaders) have with what you do every week is the take it home arts and crafts projects you send with each kid. But this doesn’t even begin to tell the story of all the work and effort, as well as the value you have provided for their kids.

    An idea for this would be to make a database of all the parents emails (if you don’t  already have one) and send a really simple but creative newsletter to all the parents once a month or even every week if you can make it happen. Include photos of the activities (obviously with prior authorisation from parents) and any videos you might have. Always thank the parents and volunteers for their help and participation and let them know you are there to help in any way you can.

  3. Hold a parent/teacher conference. This is really another way to improve communication but it has so much more potential. Yes it may be very school like and I know that parents already have a tonne of these things to go to. Maybe not all the parents will come but it is an amazing opportunity to meet one on one with parents and discuss any thoughts, issues or even ideas that they might have for improving things. You might even find this becomes one of your greatest sources of volunteer recruitment, as they come up with their own ideas and want to help make them happen.

  4. Plan a kid’s zone make-over party. Maybe your kids zone is looking a bid drab and needs a fresh look, or even just a spring clean. Hold a party and invite all your families to take part. Have them come in old clothes and get to work. Parent’s love the chance to give their talents and kids love being given the responsibility to help out. I remember way back when I was in middle school (Primary school where I’m from). I attended a Christian school run by the group of churches in that region. The school was looking to expand and found a place to rent nearby the current site. The only thing was this place needed a lot of work. I remember the school calling all the parents to come and give their time and talents to help get ready for the new school year. At ten years old I spent two weeks of my summer, painting walls, tearing up carpets and watching my father install electrics in the different classrooms. The atmosphere was great and gave everyone a real sense of ownership. What’smore, i felt great going back to school and passing my piece of wall!
  5. Carry out a ‘customer satisfaction’ survey. Always be looking at ways to improve customer satisfaction. Although your kid’s zone is free, there is a huge amount of value to getting the parents, who are basically your customers, on board with you. Create a really simple survey that parents can take while they register their kids for the weekend services. You will find that parents love to be asked how you could make things better for your kids. There is always the risk that a disgruntled parent will sound off about all their concerns, so be prepared to shrug off the worst and take the best!


For this you could also use an only platform such as Google Forms or Survey Monkey and send it to their emails, although don’t be surprised is this only gets you about a 20% return or click rate.


All this comes down to one thing – get the parents involved. This is really a no brainier but is often so easily overlooked. Often we want parents to be involved, but they see the kid’s zone more of a free childcare opportunity once a week. Until they are involved, your kid’s zone will always fall into the category of childcare, and will never realise it’s true potential, to form and raise up a godly generation to impact the society in this world. Don’t settle for less!


Struggling with your day to day mangement of your kid’s zone? Too much to do in too little time, with too little help?


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