The Hardings (a little bit about our culture)

Manuela Castellanos

My husband is British, I was born in Colombia, and our kids are American. As you can see, we are surrounded by a great diversity of culture and history. I think God gives something special to every culture, of which we can take really great things and improve others. For example, something I love about Colombians is that we are naturally very nice and warm people. But something we really need to improve is punctuality. To be “on time” for a Colombian generally means arriving 20 minutes later than what was arranged.


In the same way, every family has its own internal culture, customs or traditions that are passed on from generation to generation. Rich comes from a British family and I come from a Colombian family. Even though we both came from Christian homes, the moment we got married, a new person was created because the Word says, “and the two shall become like one person” (Genesis 2:24 CEV). In that moment, we began to create the culture for our home and children.


The dictionary defines culture as the combination of knowledge, ideas, traditions or customs that characterize a people, a social class, an era or a family.


And so I invited my husband out for a cup of coffee to talk about the culture we wanted to create in our home. We took the very best from both of our families because they are so different and there’s so much to learn from each of them. But at the same time, we wanted to add our own essence to that culture.


Here’s what we came up with:



Everyday we will…

* Sit at the table at least once a day without any technology in sight to distract us.

* Express our love for each other.

* Laugh and play together.

* Read a book to the kids.


Every week we will…

* Have a family day.

* Have a date night, just the parents 😀

* Go to church as a family, give our offering together and be in worship together.

* Bless another family.

* Disconnect from social media, television, iPads, etc.

* Set a time aside to learn about the Word of God as a family. If possible, do the Holy Supper together.


Every month we will…

* Take pictures and film videos.

* Learn a Bible verse together.

* Do an activity of someone’s choosing. For example: Rich chooses to go camping, Noah likes to go to the movies, and Manu to relax.


Every year we will…

* Go on a family vacation.

* Do a missions trip (not necessarily outside of the city).


What are some of the things you do with your family?