Our next episode: David and Goliath, what has been the most difficult thing?

Johana Castro

Who doesn’t get excited about this story? An ordinary boy goes head to head against the greatest giant from the most fearsome people. A giant who has intimidated even the highest ranking military … and the young boy is the one who wins!


Sometimes we feel like David did at that moment. The technical difficulties are high, the software does not want to work properly and we don’t know how to solve it. But just as God gave David a specific strategy, He also gives one to us.


We want to share with you two secrets that are taking us to the limit in this production:


  • Technical script

In addition to the script where the characters have their dialogues and the description of what is happening, we need a technical script that tells us the position of the camera, the characters, scenes or sequences, music and much more. Completing this script is always difficult because we must write out absolutely everything that happens and what is involved in the episode. This script is like our map, where each step must be clear so we can reach the goal.

  1. Armor

We had not had so many soldiers together before. The soldiers have armor and if it was difficult for David to use one, it was no less difficult for us to create armors that work with each character’s body. Clothing is a complicated aspect in 3D animation because getting it to behave like real clothes is not easy: the software does not differentiate what is clothing and what isn’t. It simply sees it as two masses that can cross with one another. It’s as if you put your hand in a container with water and tried to “push” the water, you’ll always end up wet. Imagine having to “control” the water in such a way that when you “push” it you stay dry. The armor takes us to the next level of difficulty because the “water” is rigid. It’s not soft like a T-shirt, but it needs to keep its shape to protect the soldiers. You can imagine it hasn’t been easy having all these soldiers around.

We are very excited to share our new episode with all of you. It will be ready in the upcoming weeks!