Esther: New Song from Little Big Heroes and Generation 12 Kids

Johana Castro

We have been working on a new song that features Esther, the most beloved queen of the Little Big Heroes Universe. As we sing, we will learn about the reward that comes through grace when we are obedient.


Esther will be sporting a different look, because we thought it would be fun to combine her attire with the rhythm of the song:

On this occasion, we want to emphasize that she was a great queen used by God to save her people. Through the obedience and grace that characterized her, she obtained redemption for herself and for all the people that counted on her. She acted in a brave and bold way. Her faith was rewarded because she knew how to go to the secret place and move the hand of God on behalf of her people. She knew there was power in spiritual weapons such as fasting, and this made a change in history possible.


Technically, our challenge with this song is to stay within our timeframe. Our goal is to have a finished song approximately every 21 days. It requires a lot of work and concentration to develop quality animations that are loved by all of our audience.